Healing Trauma Course

Tapping into your spiritual healing capabilities

A 12-week trauma-informed course that will teach and guide you to release old wounds and traumas stored in the body with proven healing modalities in order for you to be able to enjoy life and find your road to happiness again. This is where east meets west.

Early bird enrollment starts in November 2022. I invite you to join my waitlist to claim your early-bird discount!

By The End of This Program, You Will...

  Understand how trauma is stored in the body and how to overcome the pain by seeking joy and happiness.

  ave the tools to start a self-healing journey on a spiritual and emotional basis.

  Enhanced and established a  spiritual practice to overcome trauma through yoga, meditation, and pranayam (breathwork).

  Established a relationship with your Inner child and learned to keep her/him calm/safe. 

  How to rewire a traumatized brain


"Within 30 days, I had achieved this amazing result. And the best part? It wasn't hard at all."

Louise, student of course name

"I would never have imagined things could change so fast. This program is absolutely life-changing!"

Andrea, student of course name


Meet Jamie.

Your new Karma Manager. I help and teach you tools to heal trauma, activate your spiritual gifts and live consciously.

As a spiritual & Chopra Total Well-Being Coach, I have dedicated my life to studying with world-known mentors in areas such as Vedic spirituality and trauma recovery. My life purpose is to raise and activate these teachings in order to help you see the light in the darkness. Looking forward to being your spiritual guide.

Trauma Healing Course Opens in November 

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